The Natural History of Willoughby: from Fungi to Flora and Fauna

Our latest temporary explores the Natural History of Willoughby focusing on local fungi, flora and fauna and the importance of protecting and enhancing the habitat essential for its survival. See how humans connect with nature in restoring local bushland for the benefit of all.

This exhibition presented by Bushland Management of Willoughby City Council includes photographs, recordings and wildlife specimens to demonstrate the relationship between wildlife and its natural environment. Come and see the powerful owl and its prey and the birds of Willoughby display. View a swamp wallaby, diamond python and other wildlife specimens. Learn about bush regeneration and bushland restoration in the Willoughby area including the transformation of Flat Rock Gully. Identify local threatened species. Come and connect with nature and learn about our role in its survival.

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Event Details

58 Johnson Street, Chatswood, New South Wales

Limited street parking - paid car park nearby with 3 hours free parking. 10 minute walk from Chatswood Station Interchange for public transport.


1pm to 4pm

Entry fees:
By donation
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities: