Tales from the Grave

Join our family history team for a fascinating look at cemeteries and the people in the graves within them. We will discover the stories of some of the people that are buried beneath the headstones in some of Australia's graveyards and cemeteries.

Cemeteries can be fascinating places, after all they are filled with people. Some were famous, some were everyday people, some were major achievers, some were paupers, some went to war and some died very young. No matter who they were, everyone buried there has a story.

In this talk you will hear about a broad range of people who did some incredible things during their life, but while their achievements are still known, the person behind the achievements has been forgotten. You will also hear about some very special cemeteries that can be found dotted around our country.

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Montrose Library, 935 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Montrose, Victoria


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Prebooking required 490
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Less than 50
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Limited parking behind the library, extra parking across the road.