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Self Guided Heritage Pub Walk

Gazetted in 1895, Parkerville came about because of the Eastern Railway. It had a pub, quarries, stores, a hall and school. Find out more about the history of Parkerville, and see the old buildings that still stand, on this pleasant, 2.5km walk.

Parkerville was first gazetted in 1895, as the new Eastern Railway extension was being built. The original railway line through Darlington and Smiths Mill (Glen Forrest) to Mundaring had steeper grades which limited the load capacities. From early 1900s, the township had a pub, two stores, a school and, of course, the railway station which offered the only other form of transport available unless residents had a horse and cart. From 1914 onward, Post Office facilities became available, operated from the General Store that still stands today, but is sadly empty at the moment. A manual telephone service was installed in the early 1920s at the Post Office/Store.
The pub closed after the ‘Local Option Poll’ in 1921 but reopened in 1927 after being used as a boarding house in the interim. Water came to Parkerville in 1938 and electricity in 1950 but not all residents received these services – depending on how far they lived.

Take a trip back in time and come and visit this lovely town.

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6 Owen Road, Parkerville, Western Australia

There is a free public car park on Owen Road, opposite the tavern. The tavern has printed copies of the Heritage Pub Walk map in the foyer - free for people to take. There is loose gravel on the trail, and a small section does not have a foot path.


Any time. Self guided heritage walk.
Pub open from 11am-8pm if you require a map.

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