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Scots Wha Hae

A celebration of the Caledonian history of Pyramid Hill and District will provide an entertaining afternoon of Scottish songs and pipes, and the launch of the book 'Scots Wha Hae' in the Pyramid Hill Memorial Hall.

Bringing to life the stories and songs of their Caledonian history is the focus of the Pyramid Hill Historical Society’s ‘Scots Wha Hae’. Much of this farming district was settled by Scottish migrants, and their music and culture helped shape its development and its history.

Some established businesses to serve the growing town, and the Historic Plaque Walk around the town can show exactly where the saddler, draper, undertaker or publican went about their business.

The venue, the majestic Memorial Hall, was built to honour the districts WW1 soldiers. After WWII the returning soldiers were piped into the Hall where the community gathered to celebrate. You too can experience being ‘piped’ into the hall, and enjoy some well-known Scottish ballads – join in if you’re inclined. Hand-knitted berets in clan colours will be for sale, or order your colours of choice.

The adjacent Museum will be open during the afternoon showcasing an impressive collection, with numerous publications available for purchase.

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Pyramid Hill Memorial Hall, Kelly Street, Pyramid Hill VIC


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Vline service from Melbourne via Bendigo (Swan Hill line). Afternoon tea provided. Town tours available by arrangement.