Pubs, Hats and Treasures

An historical pub crawl walking tour of Hamilton, of both ‘ghost’ hotels and present-day hotels. As well as two Hamilton History Centre exhibitions:
The unique hat collection of the first female Mayor of Hamilton;
A collection of buried items both metal and bottles

A Pub Crawl Walking Tour of Hamilton to learn about the seventeen hotels that Hamilton has had since 1843, and what has become of them. Only three remain open, operating from their original location. You’ll find out their stories and the stories of the ones that closed down. A brief outline of the Victorian Liquor reforms, Liquor Acts and changes in public sentiment during the last two centuries is also given. Walking Tour begins at 10:00am from the History Centre

An exhibition of the renowned hat collection of the first female Mayor of Hamilton will be held at the History Centre. Frances Hewett, the lady in question, is fondly remembered by many older locals for her public appearances, always with an interesting hat on her head. A display of metal detector and old bottle ‘finds’ from around Hamilton and the local area will be at the History Centre. History of everyday life of times past!

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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Hamilton History Centre, 43 Gray Street, Hamilton, VIC

The Hamilton History Centre is located in the main Street of Hamilton (Gray Street) between Thompson Street and Kennedy Street, situated just past the Hamilton Post Office.



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The History Centre exhibit rooms are not wheelchair accessible