CANCELLED – Public Digitisation Day

Learn how to preserve your memories in the same way museums do using digitisation. Bring one three-dimensional object to be photographed by our team of volunteers and receive archival quality image files to keep forever.

Bring in one of your sentimental, three-dimensional treasures to be digitised by the team at the Emerald Museum; whether it’s a family heirloom, an antique, or a meaningful keepsake, we’ll transform it into an archival-quality digital file. Our team will explain the whats and whys of digitisation as they photograph your item, creating a digital version that can be shared with future generations long after the physical object’s form deteriorates.

Each person will receive a high-resolution TIFF and lower-resolution JPEG file, which will be sent via WeTransfer to the email address used for event registration within one week of the event.

To ensure a personalised experience, we’re offering one 15-minute time slot per person. You can select your preferred time on the event ticketing page.

Please note:

  • Item size restrictions apply. Items cannot be larger than 30cm H x 30cm W x 30cm D.
  • Some suggestions for objects that can be digitised include jewellery boxes, memorabilia, domestic wares, souvenirs, watches, brooches, trophies, toys, ceramics, and coins. This list is by no means exhaustive, and any further queries can be directed to
  • Due to legal and ethical obligations, we cannot digitise First Nations sacred or secular items, weapons, firearms, and human remains.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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Emerald and District Museum, 5 Crichton Road, Emerald, Victoria


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Free parking is available inside the Nobelius Heritage Park. One accessible parking space is available out the front of the Emerald Museum.