Post-war Migration Tour

Gather your friends and family and enjoy a day immersed in post-war migrant history and experience the ways in which migrants shaped modern Australia.

Bone-gilla, Bon-a-gilla, Bonny-gilla … a place known by many names with many stories.

During this special guided tour at Bonegilla Migrant Experience, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the size and scale of the original camp as it was when it opened in 1947. Hear shared stories and truly walk in the shoes of the 320,000 migrants who made this their first Australian home.

Spend time with us at Latchford Barracks to view the last remaining building and footings as well as past block locations that aren’t accessible to the general public. Afterwards wander through Albury Library Museum’s collection and galleries to get a deeper understanding of Bonegilla’s past.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided. Guests are welcome to take advantage of inclusive transport from Wodonga and Albury for the day.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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132 Bonegilla Road, Bonegilla, Victoria


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Prebooking 6020 6912
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