Now you see it, soon you won’t; Heritage Shipping Control Tower, Victoria HarbourMelbourne Maritime Heritage Network

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Now you see it, soon you won’t; Heritage Shipping Control Tower, Victoria Harbour

This prominent, once cutting-edge maritime infrastructure asset sits on the tip of North Wharf in Docklands. Among the heritage-listed Victoria Harbour and Yarra River, stands the Shipping Control Tower, which played a crucial role in Melbourne and Victoria’s prosperity.

Constructed in 1966, the Shipping Control Tower dominating the Port of Melbourne waterways, cutting-edge infrastructure designed to oversee the crucial and complex maritime trade operations which underpinned Melbourne’s and Victoria’s prosperity. This now abandoned Tower provided services critical to the commercial and social life in Melbourne in the days where the wider public were acutely conscious of the importance of maritime trade to our well-being.

Owned by government, this impressive maritime infrastructure asset, recognised as significant in the evolution of Melbourne, languishes, devoid of heritage protection, neglected and left to rot. MMHN will share what we know of the history and regrettable disregard for its cultural value.

Meet us at 10.30am Saturday 20 April
Where – at the tip of North Wharf, Docklands
Take the Collins St tram to the last stop walk towards Docklands library , continue walking along the North Wharf Road in towards the Bolte Bridge.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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North Wharf Road, Docklands, Victoria

Collins St tram from the CBD to the last stop. Walk towards Docklands library. Continue walking along the North Wharf Road towards the direction of Bolte Bridge.



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