“Mr Mac, The Chocolate King” -His StoryIsabel Simpson

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“Mr Mac, The Chocolate King” -His Story

Who was the great chocolate master 'MacPherson Robertson'? He was perhaps the greatest entrepreneur Fitzroy has known. The "white factory" took up many blocks spuing out the fragrant smells of milk kisses and other favourites. Let us walk the walk and meet the man behind the nail can story.

We do an easy two hour stroll through the streets of Fitzroy where MacRobertson built his great empire. Converted apartments today, there still stands many of his factories and head office, not to mention the “emblazened” signature on several sites. Born in Ballarat in the goldrush era, his character and survival skills were formed as a seven year old. His desire to succeed saw many achievements and his philanthropic contributions to Australia were outstanding.

Alas there is only one plaque which acknowledges Mac and his story, but you will discover much about his character, and his idiosyncrasies on this tour. His blue prints show a maze of reused and repurposed factories just as today they bring new stories by their occupants . Mac Rob is largely forgotten so I endeavour to reintroduced him to folks and recall his remarkable legacy.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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Fitzroy Town Hall, Napier Street, Fitzroy

Guide will be on the steps of Fitzroy Town Hall



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