Melbourne Ghost Signs: Unearthing Coburg’s Hidden HistoriesCoburg Historical Society

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Melbourne Ghost Signs: Unearthing Coburg’s Hidden Histories

Have you ever noticed those faded, flaking hand-painted advertisements clinging to the sides of buildings and old shops? These ghost signs, echoes of Melbourne's vibrant past, are more than just relics; they're portals to untold stories.

Join Sean Reynolds, the “Indiana Jones” of urban exploration and witty writer of Instagram account @melbourne_ghostsigns as he unveils the wild stories and shocking tales behind Coburg’s vintage iconography. Turning these enduring advertisements into narrators of community, crime and connection from then to now. As we delve into Coburg’s bygone era, each sign reveals a unique story, from the everyday life of locals to tales that have shaped the very fabric of the suburb.

But tread carefully: Some tales unearthed by these ghost signs delve into darker themes, including death, abuse and other topics that may be unsettling. Sean navigates these stories with respect and care, ensuring a journey that’s as enlightening as it is sensitive to the past.

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Coburg Library, Corner Victoria and Louisa Streets, Coburg, Victoria


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