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Maritime Open Houses & Shore Walk

Come behind the gates and doors of the historical yacht clubs and marinas, maritime operations and shipwright workshops to experience the Williamstown Maritime industry in an open house setting, with live music at clubs, guided tours and meals available for purchase and shipwrights showing their craftmanship.

The Williamstown Maritime industry has historical significance to the development of Melbourne as Victoria’s capital city, with ship building dating back to its infancy.

You can also take a tour of the HMAS Castlemaine, one of the 60 Bathurst-class corvettes constructed during World War II and now a heritage listed museum ship.

This event takes place at several locations along the Williamstown waterfront including the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, Williamstown Sailing Club, HMAS Castlemaine, F.J. Darley Traditional Shipwrights, Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club.

All tours are free except HMAS Castlemaine. No bookings required but tour costs apply.

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10 Nelson Place, Williamstown, Victoria


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HMAS Castlemaine is not accessible by wheelchair.