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How to make soap, extract essential oil & hydrosol

Learn to make beautiful hand made soap using traditional methods & learn to extract essential oil from lush garden plants such as lavender. A gorgeous class that showcases the simple art of soap making & how herbs can be used to create a botanically enriched soap fragrance.

Join me at ORTO, a bespoke cooking school in the central highlands on rich chocolate volcanic soil. I will give you a tour of ORTO & then a deep dive into the world of soap making. Soap can be made from over 100 available oils. I will teach you the principles of soap making and show you how incredibly easy it is to make a years worth of soap. The soap we make will be unlike what you buy, because it will be glycerine rich meaning that it will both wash and moisturise your hands. We will make cold process soap and I will teach you to use online soap making calculators to create your own delicious recipes. The soap making process is very similar to cake making, the resulting batter will look like a meringue! As we prepare our recipes, we will set up for essential oil distillation using a hand made alembic still from Portugal. The rich concentrated oil extracted will be used as fragrance in our soaps. You will take home a gift pack with two soaps and a bottle of hydrosol. Join me!

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100 Allisons Rd, Blampied Victoria, Australia

Between Daylesford and Ballarat, off the Midland Highway.



Entry fees:
Adults $ 170
Prebooking requiredhttps://www.villagedreaming.com.au/workshops/
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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