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How maritime steam helped build Australia

Experience the romance of the bygone era of Maritime Steam in a tour over 1933 ST WATTLE to see how this historic ship served Australia’s navy using the only steam engine of its type in Australia at that time.

After more than a decade of extensive work the 1933 ST WATTLE is now almost completely restored and ready for sailing. Having begun her life as the first oil-fired steam tugboat in Australia at the height of the Great Depression, WATTLE served as a naval tugboat until 1969.

Visitors will see the magnificent original reciprocating compound steam engine that drives the ship. See how she has been refurbished to become a passenger-carrying ship with rare Australian timbers in the beautifully restored wheelhouse.

ST WATTLE was awarded a citation by the National Trust in Victoria on 16 June 1993 in recognition of the significance of this small ship to Australian maritime history. She is the only propeller-driven steamship still operating on Port Phillip. WATTLE has been part of connecting Australia to the rest of the world.

Every Saturday during the Heritage Festival, visitors can have a guided tour to re-live the romance of the steam era and inspect the original steam engine.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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2 North Wharf Road, Melbourne, Victoria

From the end of Collins Street, walk along North Wharf towards the Bolte Bridge.
ST WATTLE is berthed outside Shed 2



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There is no parking at the site nor along North Wharf. Limited parking is available in the Docklands area surrounding Collins Street and Bourke Street.