Heritage Victoria’s Connections to Bendigo: A Floor Talk

A floor talk by Leigh McKinnon, Research Officer, Golden Dragon Museum, on the Museum’s current temporary exhibition Victoria’s Goldfields: Chinese Curiosities from Heritage Victoria which highlights the interesting and often unknown connections between this collection and Bendigo.

Introducing the Golden Dragon Museum’s Australian Heritage Festival Floor Talks Series.

Join Leigh McKinnon, Research Officer, every Saturday of the Festival as he delves into the Golden Dragon Museum’s temporary exhibition, Victoria’s Goldfields: Chinese Curiosities from Heritage Victoria.

Victoria’s Goldfields: Chinese Curiosities from Heritage Victoria is a collaborative exhibition between Golden Dragon Museum and Heritage Victoria. It presents small vignettes of the Chinese presence across Victoria from the mid-1800s into the 20th century and showcases the significant collection of artefacts held by Heritage Victoria that relate to and show evidence of the Chinese diaspora across the state. While Bendigo’s history was not the focus when curating this exhibition, there are many interesting connections between Heritage Victoria’s collection on display and Bendigo’s Chinese history which will be explored during this floor talk.

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Golden Dragon Museum, 1 Bridge Street, Bendigo, Victoria

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Museum admission applies.



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