Heritage Festival Special Tours

Join us for an immersive exploration of three of the Museum's iconic objects, featuring three special tours that unveil the deeper stories behind the British Arms hotel, Ivanhoe Headframe and the Miners Cottage.

10:30 am – Discover the rich history and unique features of the British Arms Hotel, an iconic building with tales echoing through time. Learn about the notable figures who once graced its halls, and the events that shaped its character. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of this historical gem as our guide unfolds captivating stories during this 30-minute tour.

11:15 am – Take a stroll to the Headframe and delve into the fascinating journey of this monumental structure. Moved multiple times, the Headframe holds tales of the Golden Mile’s evolution. Our guide will recount the challenges and triumphs, offering a unique perspective on the changing landscape.

12:00 pm – Step back in time as we explore the Miners Cottage, a charming representation of the average working family’s home. Gain insights into life without modern conveniences, discovering the simplicity and challenges of a bygone era. Our guide will paint a vivid picture of daily life, providing a journey into the past.

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17 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Refreshments will be available between tours for a quick drink and a chance to mingle with fellow guests.


There will be three tours each day
10:30am Tour is the British Arms Hotel
11:15am Showcase of the Ivanhoe Headframe
12pm Tour of the Miners Cottage

Entry fees:
Prebooking requiredhttps://visit.museum.wa.gov.au/goldfields?utm_content=sitemenu&utm_source=visit
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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