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Heritage Day at the Merrigum Museum

Like to see how things were done in earlier times? Come to Merrigum Historical Society’s 26th Heritage Day. This consistently popular event showcases demonstrations of pioneering skills and crafts, with the emphasis on operating rather than static displays; also various collections.

At Merrigum Museum’s Heritage Day, visitors can see:

  • Cricket bat making with Clare Johnston, Australia’s only female maker
  • Blacksmithing
  • machine-shearing
  • hay baling with a stationary baler
  • chaff-cutting the 1920s and 1930s way.
  • a wide range of vintage engines in action
  • washing and ironing of clothes using washboard and stove-heated flat irons
  • sewing carried out on a treadle machine
  • unique and remarkable button collection (bring any buttons you’d like to find out about!)
  • milk-separating and butter-churning (the butter, very popular, can be purchased, but order early!
  • historic fire-fighting items; horse-drawn vehicles
  • a wide range of exhibits and collectables

Delicious damper can be sampled.
Homemade cakes, biscuits, slices, etc, will be available at the Museum’s General Store.
Vintage cars; raffles; BBQ lunch available.
And much more….

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Event Details

Merrigum & District Historical & Education Society, 111-113 Waverley Avenue, Merrigum, Victoria


Entry fees:
Adults $ 10, Children $ 2
Onsite facilities: