Guided tour of Schwerkolt Cottage

Connect with the history of the Schwerkolt family and see inside the German style Cottage with a guide. Learn how the stone to build the Cottage was quarried nearby and how the family used small wall openings to communicate with each other. Visit the Museum and enjoy the parklands after the tour.

Schwerkolt Cottage is a 19th century stone settler cottage set within a historic museum complex and surrounded by 2.25 hectares of bushland. Established in 1884, the historical buildings, walking tracks, cottage garden, barbecue area and family playground are the perfect place to explore history in Whitehorse. The cottage adjoins the Yarran Dheran creek lands in the heart of Mitcham.

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2-10 Deep Creek Road, Mitcham, Victoria

Cottage Open: 1:00pm-4:00pm
Tour: 2:00pm

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Less than 50
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Parking limited