Fun Researching Family & Local Histories

If you are just beginning your family history, maybe you have come up against some brick walls with a certain relative, or you want to research some people in the Casey Cardinia area, come along and our volunteers will assist you with your research enquiries.

The Lorraine Taylor Research Room is full of books, magazines, microfiche, and digital files on family and local histories that cannot be found on the internet. There are Casey Cardinia resources which are complimented by the Casey Cardinia Combined Index, that makes it so easy to find people and places in the area. We have heaps of school records, family histories and biographies, “How To” books that can point you in the right direction for researching relatives in different parts of the world, immigration records, cemetery records, plus lots more. Our resources cover all over Australia and the United Kingdom. There will be volunteers to assist you in whatever research you are doing and ensure you enjoy your visit.

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1/65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne, Vic

Entry is through the Cranbourne Library



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Less than 50
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Construction work in area - limited parking