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Echoes Across Time: Come & Connect with Osborne House

Advocating for the future of heritage listed Osborne House has long been a project of the Osborne Park Association. We invite community members to wander the grounds, learn some of the magnificent history of the property and discover what drives our passion.

If we don’t know our past, how can we determine our future? Connecting with our history and loving our landmarks allows us to determine what we want to see happen with the future of our iconic properties. With an uncertain future Osborne House is Geelong’s last remaining publicly owned waterfront property. That means it belongs to the community. The Osborne Park Association offers the opportunity for attendees to hear the echoes of the past and to learn of the identities who inhabited this amazing place. Such people as the Muirheads, Philip Russell and his Non-Descripts Cricket team and the polo club, the 1st RANC, the 1st submarine base and Corio Shire.

Unfortunately, the buildings are permanently closed to public access but bring a picnic, enjoy the serenity of the grounds, the Bay views, croquet and bocce on the lawns and gather some information on our Association and what we hope to achieve for the future of this magnificent property that is Osborne House.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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53 Swinburne Street, North Geelong, Victoria


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North Geelong station is walking distance to Osborne House. Limited parking available