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Connections-Preserving the continuity of our community

Bella Vista Farm sits in spacious, picturesque parklands. Once owned by John and Elizabeth Macarthur it was later farmed by the Pearce family who developed it into a thriving citrus orchard. The farm, preserved in its entirety, sits upon a hilltop with sweeping views of the district.

The Pearce family who occupied and farmed Bella Vista for over a century have connections to numerous places and people in the Hills district. Kings Langley was the original property of Matthew Pearce who arrived as a free settler with his wife Martha in 1794. The connections of the Pearce family, their Chinese workers and the other families who lived and worked at the farm are part of the historic fabric of the Hills district.

The house itself has become the repository of a fascinating collection of treasures displayed throughout, most with connections to the early settlers and some relating to the later development of the suburb of Bella Vista.

There will be displays to explore as well as our fantastic Trash and Treasure stall, the Redcoats will be on parade with their muskets, our sheep love a visit from the children and the Friends will be serving their usual Devonshire Teas and sausage sandwiches with background music by ensembles from the Hills Symphony Orchestra.

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Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista, New South Wales

The Farm is in Bella Vista Farm Park. The main entrance is near the corner of Elizabeth MacArthur Dr and Norwest Boulevard.


9:00am to 2:30pm

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