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Connecting Australia with St. Helena

Join internationally renown speaker, John Brock, for a captivating talk, with morning tea, which will reveal many historical connections between Australia and the tiny island of St. Helena.

When a map of the world is seen it is probably hard to believe that the large land mass of Australia could have any connections with the remote Atlantic, volcanic, tropical island of St. Helena located nearly 2,000kms west from the coast of western Africa. Thus, you will be truly amazed by the actual number of mutual contacts between these two vastly different and distant localities.

During the era of tall ships sailing between England and Australia St. Helena was a vital provision refuelling stop for vessels during this passage as it was one of the few English held outposts on the long route.

Even in recent times there has been a book written by one of our most legendary authors, Thomas Keneally, based on an Australian link with St. Helena and Napoleon Bonaparte who was exiled to this tiny outpost, ultimately dying there in 1821.

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cnr. Hassall Street & Gregory Place,, Parramatta, NSW

Car parking available in Gregory Place or the grounds of Hambledon Cottage or for those coming by train or bus it is about a 15-minute walk from Parramatta Station or Parramatta Ferry Wharf.


10.30am to 12.30pm

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Adults $ 15, Concession $ 13.5, Members $ 12.5
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Less than 50
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