Collins Street Characters and Connections Walking TourBronwyn Wilson

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Collins Street Characters and Connections Walking Tour

Join me for a walk down Collins Street starting from the top end at the former Treasury as we uncover colourful characters and their Collins Street connections. Be fascinated as you are introduced to these characters and discover their stories linking people and places to the sites we visit.

Collins Street Characters and Connections Walking Tour begins from the former Treasury building at the top end or Paris end of Collins Street and continues down to finish at Queen Street. Discovering a delightful and varied array of notable and not so notable characters, from all walks of life, hear their stories and discover their Collins Street connections and contributions to the life of our city. Many of the places we visit will have architectural and heritage significance linking the past and present.

Celebrating 50 years of the Victorian Heritage Register 

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20 Spring Street, East Melbourne, Victoria

Meet on the steps of the Old Treasury Building (opposite Collins Street)


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Adults $ 30, Members $ 30
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Less than 50
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