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Chinese Garden of Friendship Connections

Embark on a cultural journey at the Chinese Garden of Friendship during the Heritage Festival. Experience a captivating school holiday workshop, explore an enticing exhibition, join a newly developed Meandering Pathway of Tranquility tour, and indulge in the delights of the new menu.

– “Stories of Tradition: “Paper Cutting for Kids” (Weekdays, excluding public holiday: from April 18 to April 26):
Embark on an exploration of the rich tradition of Chinese Paper Cutting in this engaging school holiday activity. Delve into its captivating history, engage in hands-on experiences, and allow young minds to immerse themselves in this ancient folk art.
– The Tea Exchange Exhibition (from April 18 to April 28):
Step into the enchanting world of tea. Discover the stories and traditions surrounding tea, spotlighting its cultural significance.
– The Meandering Pathway of Tranquility Tour (Wed: April 24, May 1, May 8, May 15):
Join our guided tour through the Meandering Pathway of Tranquility. Unearth hidden gems within the Garden as expert guides reveal its beauty, history, and symbolism, creating a truly captivating experience.
– One Dining Restaurant New Menu Launch: Indulge your taste buds!

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Pier Street, Haymarket, New South Wales

All events are free with Garden entry.


School Holiday Activity - Stories of Tradition: "Paper Cutting for Kids" on weekdays from 18 April to 26 April (excl public holiday) at 11am, 12pm, 1pm
The Tea Exchange Exhibition every day from 18 April to 28 April from 10am to 5pm
The Meandering Pathway of Tranquility Tour on Wednesdays: 24 April, 1 May, 8 May, 15 May at 12pm
One Dining Restaurant New Menu Launch from 18 April to 19 May - 11am to 3pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 12, Children $ 8, Concession $ 8, Family $ 30
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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no parking available on site