Changemakers: A travelling exhibition from the Museum of Australian Democracy

This small but powerful exhibition draws on the history of textile banners as artefacts used for activism. It shows how ‘crafting’ – traditionally considered women’s work – can be used for political expression and social change.

Changemakers consists of eight textile banners that represent a range of historical and contemporary activist movements, including the women’s suffrage campaign, as well as banners displayed in town halls and churches.

The exhibition demonstrates that Australian women’s quest for freedom and equality is ongoing. Many of the social issues raised by early activists remain vitally relevant today, including equal pay, sexual harassment, family violence, and female representation in Parliament and business.

Changemakers focuses on women’s empowerment. The Changemaker banners were created by a young Australian craftivist, Tal Fitzpatrick, using mostly upcycled materials.

Changemakers is a travelling exhibition from the Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra.

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Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre, Rocca Way, Wanneroo WA, Australia

The Great Court is on the ground floor of the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre.

This exhibition is on display in the Conference Room of the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre from 10 April 2024 to 25 May 2024.


10am - 4pm Wednesday to Saturday 18 April to 18 May

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Free parking is available in the shopping precinct. The venue is closed on Sundays.