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Cessnock School of Arts centenary

The Cessnock School of Arts building is one of the city's most prominent and this year is celebrating its centenary. It has been home to a hairdresser, operated as a cemetery office and even housed a Turkish bath. This exhibition uncovers the School of Arts many fascinating stories.

2024 marks the Cessnock School of Arts centenary. An exhibition at Cessnock Library, 15 April – 13 May, in the Library foyer, looks in depth at the stories this magnificent building holds. Situated on a gateway corner into our city its grand facade still creates a dramatic impression. During its 100 years the building has held many dances and social events, housed a boxing gym and Turkish bath and during World War II was the site of the War Comforts Fund who made up an extraordinary number of packages to send to local men on overseas battle fronts. Its street level businesses have included an undertakers office and a hairdresser. Today it is largely empty, with much of the building having been closed for years. What secrets is it holding inside? One important media activity remains on site, the School of Arts building houses the local community radio station, 2CHR-FM.

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Cessnock NSW 2325

15 April - 13 May. 9.00am - 5.00pm. Closed Sundays.

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