Bus tour of historic sites in the Swan ValleySwan Guildford Historical Society

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Bus tour of historic sites in the Swan Valley

Come on a bus tour to visit historic sites in the Swan Valley. Archaeologist Doctor Shane Burke will tell us about sites including All Saints Church in Henley Brook, Cruse's Mill at Belhus, and Yagan Memorial Park in Upper Swan. Map references will be provided.

Archaelogist Dr. Shane Burke takes us on a tour in the Swan Valley, where we visit three sites. At All Saints Church in Henley Brook, he describes the landscape, and points out the left bank of the Swan River, where James Stirling and others camped in March 1827.
We travel on to Yagan’s Memorial, a hugely significant site for reconcilliation between white and black Australians. The memorial also highlights the conflict that existed in the Swan district between the land’s owners and white occupiers in the first years of settlement.
Finally we visit Cruse’s Mill, a wonderful example of an early colonial period landscape. The land was owned by George Leake and leased to Henry Bull. From 1837, the site of a grain mill operated by one of Henry Bull’s servants, William Cruse.

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22 Meadow Street, Guildford, Western Australia

Next door to the Swan Valley Visitor Centre, Corner of Meadow and Swan Streets, Guildford


10am to 1pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 40, Children $ 20, Concession $ 35
Prebooking requiredsghistsoc@gmail.com(08) 9379 1829
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Less than 50
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Limited parking. At one of the sites'Cruse's Mill iquire a 700 metres trail to get there. There will be some walking on uneven ground.