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Bungonia Connections Guided Tours

A guided tour through the amazing Bogong Aboriginal Bushfood garden and to MIZPAH, a stunning Colonial stone inn, reveals connections. After refreshments in the Village Hall, make your own tours and follow the enticing Heritage trail around the village, and explore the Bungonia National Park

Never been to Bungonia? Did you know it is close to Canberra, Sydney and the Coast? Visit us – you’ll be surprised and delighted.

Guided tours of the Bogong garden and of historic property, MIZPAH, leave the Village hall on the hour from 9am – 3pm.

Shaped like the flying moth, the garden demonstrates local food plants and their uses. MIZPAH reveals its distinct Archaeology. The area abounds with signs of Aboriginal occupation. Europeans were illegally in the District well before the earliest Colonial land grants of 1821. Then by-passed for generations, the Village is a 19th Century time capsule.

Walk back into the past and connect with Bungonia!

For your comfort, our Community Cafe offers great breakfasts and barista coffee from 9am -11am. Pre-book a spot at the cafe by calling 0493166025.

From 11am – 3pm, the Historians will provide afternoon tea. The Hall and toilets are Disabled accessible.

You may find Mobile cover patchy, even with Telstra. Roads are sealed; Closest town shops, garages and services are Marulan [15k] Goulburn [28k]

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33 King Street, Bungonia, NSW

Meet at MIZPAH
Bungonia travel times approx; Canberra 90 mins; Sydney 2 hours; Coast 90 mins


Sunday 21 April, 9am - 3pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 10, Children $ 5, Concession $ 8, Family $ 25, Members $ 8
Onsite facilities:
Other things
you need to know:
Closest ATMs, petrol etc located in Marulan [15km]. Wear solid shoes. Be prepared for our variable weather on the Great Dividing Range. Mobile cover unreliable; roads sealed. Cash preferred but bank transfer transactions are possible in the Hall. There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes! Wheelchair access: grassland at the guided tour sites and ramp access to Hall; Bungonia National Park lookouts have disabled accessible all-weather walkways. Heritage tour plates mostly accessible by car.