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Broadmeadows Historical Museum Renewal

The Broadmeadows Historical Museum is reopening after extensive redesign of displays, to become more Broadmeadows and district centric. Enjoy our clean more open display with designated research facilities.

View a display of memorabilia, photo’s, and clothing, going back to the the colonial days of pastoral landholders. The exhibit includes details on the original train line and the relocation of the township of Broadmeadows.

From the welcoming new front entrance to the expanse of the mail room, this building was specifically built as a museum. The temperature is thermostatically controlled to ensure displays are protected from varying temperatures. Our store room is where we have our map draws and our compactus, which holds all the photo’s and local newspapers. This is where we also store items not currently on display.

We are now going through a process of trying to locate other historical items in the community to enhance our collection.
We are also trying to expand our multicultural collection, to show the migration growth through Broadmeadows.

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Broadmeadows Museum, 21 Pearcedale Parade, Broadmeadows, Victoria

The museum is located behind the Youth Central building.



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