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ANZAC Day at ANZAC Cottage 2024

ANZAC Day at ANZAC Cottage is an evocative event held at the first World War 1 memorial built in Western Australia. Highlighted with a ceremony at sunset, the event is family and community based with information and activities for all to commemorate this important day in the Australian calendar.

ANZAC Day at ANZAC Cottage, an event held annually by the Friends of ANZAC Cottage, is designed to reflect the origins of the Cottage, which was built with volunteer labour, skills and donations in 1916.
There will be the opportunity to visit the Cottage and discover the unique story of its origins and of the dedicated people who undertook this imaginative project.
Displays and photographs will provide information and stories that promote understanding and appreciation of both the servicemen and women as well as the community’s struggles throughout World War I
Each year, the Friends of ANZAC Cottage ensures that the younger generation plays an important role in our commemorative events. In 2024, children will be invited to participate in a free wreath-making workshop that will enable them to join in the service at the end of the day.
The culmination of the day will be the evocative Sunset Service, the last service on the Australian mainland. During the service, the Ngaru Pou M

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38 Kalgoorlie Street, Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia

With only street parking available at the venue, visitors are advised that there is parking available around Braithwaite Park at the Scarborough Beach end of Kalgoorlie Street, or on Brittania Reserve at the bottom end of Kalgoorlie Street.

Public transport: The Number 15 bus runs along Kalgoorlie Street and leaves from either Perth Busport or Glendalough Station.


Thursday 25 April: 4 pm to 6 pm

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Only street parking available