An Airport Right Under Our NosesBenalla Aviation Museum

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An Airport Right Under Our Noses

Enjoy a talk about:
• Gliding –Centre of gliding in Victoria, amazing pilot training.
• WW2 effort – Benalla a key part of the national effort.
• Ballooning and “people-carrying kites” - the first flight machines.
• Recreation Aviation Australia – RAAus – a pilot in every home.

Find out about Benalla airport, the home of CCV – Gliding Club Victoria, the largest gliding club in Australia, attracting pilots from around the globe to experience the area’s world-renowned flying conditions. The modern fleet comprises four very capable two-seat gliders and five single seat gliders, multiple tow planes, and skilled instructors.

Hear about the vital role played by Benalla in the WW 2 effort – Home of the number 11 Elementary Flying Training School RAAF Station Benalla 1941 – 1945

Discover the modern-day Balloon training facility – a far cry from “people-carrying kites” of long ago.

A pilot in every home. Recreation Aviation Australia – RAAus – with the Benalla Aero Club initial training of many of today’s airline pilots.

Followed by question time and refreshments.

Proceeds to the Benalla Aviation Museum.

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9 Church Street, Benalla, Victoria

12:00 pm - 1:30pm

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By donation
shoganoz831@gmail.comPrebooking preferred but join us anyway.
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Ample parking. Book sales and refreshments available.