Aboriginal Heritage Walk

Womin Djeka! Journey into the ancestral lands of the Kulin (Koolin) Nation in this immersive tour with an Aboriginal guide. Gain insight into the rich history and thriving culture of the local First Peoples, and discover their connection to plants.

Melbourne Gardens is a significant cultural site for the local Kulin (Koolin) people. Journey into their ancestral lands and gain an understanding of their rich history and thriving culture, and discover their connection to plants in this 90-minute tour. The Aboriginal Heritage Walk starts off at the Visitor Centre where you will be greeted by your Aboriginal guide. The experience commences with a traditional smoking ceremony – a custom among Aboriginal Australians to acknowledge ancestors and pay respect to the land, and to ward off bad spirits.

Embark on an exploratory walk through important areas of the Gardens as your guide discusses the local First Peoples’ connection to plants and their traditional uses for food, medicine, tools and ceremonies. Finish off your walk with a refreshing cup of lemon myrtle tea while you share stories and reflect on the significance of Aboriginal culture in Australia.

Event dates

Event Details

Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne, Victoria
Meet at the Visitor Centre
Daily except Saturday, 11am (90 minutes)
Entry fees:
Adults $35, Children $$ 12.00, Concession $29
Prebooking required9252 2429
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities: