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Abandoned Places: A tour of places lost over time

A tour of these abandoned places will take you to each site where you can explore what remains and hear stories about what these places looked like, the people who lived here and what they did. Friends of the Athenaeum has local guides who will provide information at each place and answer questions.

Discover some of the abandoned places in the Stanley district with this escorted self drive tour that will invite you to explore and imagine lost places. Once these hills and valleys were scattered with small towns, villages and settlements connected by roads cleared by axe and hard work. What was it that decided where these places of settlement would be established, how were they connected and why some would thrive and others not survive?

This tour will start in Stanley, meet at the Athenaeum for morning tea, arrange car sharing if needed, collect a map and then meet at each of the designated stops. The itinerary will involve some driving on dirt roads, please be prepared with sensible clothing.

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2 Mount Stanley Road, Stanley, VIC

Meeting Place: Stanley Athenaeum, 8 Mt Stanley Rd, Stanley


Meet at 10:00am-12:30am
Length- 2-2.5 hours

Entry fees:
Prebooking requiredstanleyathenaeum@gmail.com.au
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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