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A Different Game

A unique look into the early history of Australian football in Meredith and it’s surrounding areas, and it’s immersion within those local communities. Local greats include the first player to play 300 games, Geelong and South Melbourne star Peter “The Great” Burns.

For over a century, football played a major role in the lives of the people of Meredith & district. Most people were involved from the pub owner who sponsored the club and entertained, to the schoolteacher who umpired, to the women who cooked and served food to supporters, to the truck owner who fitted his truck out to take the team to away matches, to the bootmaker who repaired the boots, to the man who collected entry money at the gate, to the women who washed the muddy jumpers etc. This is their story and the story of the connection between football the town.

In addition, the players provide many stories of what football was like in the pre-world war one period. Who would ever imagine ploughing the ground prior to the game? Great players of the region include Peter “The Great” Burns from nearby Steiglitz – who became the first player to play 300 games in 1902. Burns played for South Melbourne, Geelong and Victoria.

It was truly a different game.

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