1936 Aboriginal Prohibited Areas Exhibition – Kalgoorlie

The Aboriginal Prohibited Areas proclamation is a part of Western Australia's hidden history. In 1936, proclamations were passed which prohibited Aboriginal people from entering a town and settlements, or being within 6 miles of the town hall of a town. This exhibition uncovers this history.

The Aboriginal prohibited Areas exhibition is held in the historic Boulder Railway Station. The exhibition is informative, interactive and uncovers a facet of WA’s history which is largely unknown but has had a massive impact on First Nations peoples of the Goldfields region. In 1936, proclamations were made which prohibited Aboriginal people from being within 6 miles of a town centre. Discover what life would be like in the 1930s if you were not permitted to enter a town or settlement. The Boulder Railway Station forms a picturesque backdrop for this exhibition with the Loopline Park on its doorstep.

The Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre is an Aboriginal research organisation working on the recording, preservation and use of the Goldfields First Nations languages. Come visit the Centre, explore the Prohibited Areas exhibition and the historic Boulder Railway Station all in one location!

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59 Hamilton Street, Boulder, Western Australia

The exhibition is in the Boulder Railway Station building at the rear of Loopline Park, Hamilton Street, Boulder. WA


8.30am - 4.30pm everyday
Exhibition opening Friday 12 April 6-8pm.

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