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Open House & Garden: 1876 Miners Cottage renovated for the 21st century

Visit a comfortably renovated 1876 Miners Cottage for living in the 21st century and its attractive garden.

This weatherboard miners cottage was built in 1876 when many people residing in the area were living in tents. Nestled in a lovely garden setting within the Ironbark Heritage Precinct, it is a great example of a home comfortably renovated without compromising its heritage integrity. It is located in an area steeped in mining history with many Cornish emigrants settling in the area from the 1860’s.

You will be able to have a walk through the house, explore the garden and have some refreshments. Dr Charles Fahey, historian and author will speak on the history of Mining Cottages at 2pm and be available to answer questions. He will be able to explain ‘The Miners Right” and the part it played in housing miners.

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9 Black Street, Long Gully, Victoria

The Ironbark Heritage Precinct is located at the western end of View Street.



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Adults $ 10, Concession $ 5, Family $ 15
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