Sandison Reserve

Sandison Reserve ancient glacial features contribute to an outstanding coastal geological monument .

Bequested to NTSA by the beneficiaries of George Sandison in 1960, managed with assistance from volunteers of the Friends of Hallet Cove Conservation Park and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Sandison Reserve contributes to an outstanding geological monument located on the coastline south of Adelaide. Ancient glacial features, formed during the Permian Ice Age 270 million years ago, make Hallett Cove one of the most significant geological sites in Australia. The oldest rocks in the area are of the Precambrian era of 600 million years ago.

The interpretive walking trails provide an excellent opportunity to explore Sandison Reserve and Hallet Cove Conservation Park and to learn about the area’s ecology and geological and cultural history.

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**Please note: Dogs are not allowed in this reserve

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Sandison Reserve


Heron Way
Hallett Cove 5158 SA


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