Stirling House Conservation and Adaptive Reuse Award

The National Trust of Western Australia received a 2015 Conservation Heritage Award in Fremantle on May 12th, for the conservation of Stirling House (fmr North Fremantle Primary School).

Stirling House (fmr North Fremantle Primary School), prior to the Schools of Early Learning moving in.

The Conservation Heritage Awards celebrate the success of owners, architects and builders who have recently completed a restoration/renovation of a heritage building or an infill development in a heritage streetscape, and contribute to the social heritage of Fremantle and East Fremantle

A National Trust of Australia (WA) property with conservation design by the Trust and adaptive reuse works by Tom Godden Design.

A successful partnership between the National Trust and the Schools of Early Learning has conserved and adapted the place as a centre for the care and education of young children. The rich social history of the primary school, later uses and the distinctive built heritage features were priorities in the works design and reflected in the interpretation. The partnership has delivered innovative facilities, a creative outdoor environment in a spectacular heritage place

Conservation works by the National Trust included:

  • replacement of asbestos roof with galvanised corrugated iron
  • new rainwater collection and disposal system,
  • all exterior fabric such as wails, gables, doors and windows,
  • renewal of electrical and sewer services.

Adaptive reuse works by Schools of Early Learning included:

  • construction of external shade structures, landscaping and
  • internal conservation and adaption works.

For more information please contact the National Trust (WA) on 9321 6088 during office hours.

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