Advocacy by definition is the process of influencing decision makers.

Advocacy is an important part of the National Trust’s activities; as a community based organisation, we are here to represent the community and bring attention to important heritage issues. As the oldest heritage organisation in the country, the Trust campaigns on important issues.

With the establishment of heritage legislation and state government bodies with statutory powers, the Trust’s role in advocacy has expanded into negotiation, education and forming partnerships to achieve good heritage outcomes.

At the local level, the Trust is able to provide advice to owners of heritage places, local government authorities and community organisations.

On a wider state and federal level, the National Trust is well positioned to advocate for important issues and contribute to heritage strategies and policies. The National Trust’s program Heritage @Risk is an example of a nationwide initiative bringing attention to significant heritage places under threat from development, neglect or inappropriate management.

The Australian Council of National Trusts coordinates and submits recommendations, advice and comments for significant national heritage issues and action.

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Advocacy in NSW

Since the 1940s, The National Trust in NSW has led campaigns to protect significant heritage at risk, whether built, natural or cultural.