Millicent | Heritage Day

The Millicent National Trust held their yearly Heritage Day at the Millicent Museum on 1st October 2023.

Committee members were happy with the numbers of people who visited the museum on the free open day with many coming from out of town visiting for the first time.

The blacksmith shop is always a winner with many people taking in the sound and smell of the working smithy and stopping for a chat.

Two pop up displays also created interest and helped show off the Millicent Museum. A large display of memorabilia on the late Queen Elizabeth II, collected over a number of years, generated a lot of questions. The other display was a fantastic collection on anything to with cows and milk. Milk churns, butter boxes, collectable cow ornaments and more were spread over and around two large tables.

All in all, it was another successful Heritage Day and we look forward to welcoming everyone back next year.

Words by: Noel P Boyle, Millicent Branch