Heritage Agreement Grants Program Launch at Watiparinga

On the 30th March 2023 we saw the launch of the South Australian Native Vegetation Council’s Heritage Agreement Grants program at the National Trust of South Australia’s Watiparinga Reserve.

The grants program will provide grants of up to $100,000 to properties under a Native Vegetation Heritage Agreement, which is a conservation agreement between the State Government and private land owners.

Watiparinga is a restored woodland of Grey Box (Eucalyptus mircocarpa) trees over a grassy understorey, with vegetation that is typical of much of the grassy woodlands of the plains and foothills of Adelaide. Watiparinga was NTSA’s first reserve and was donated to us by Miss Alison Ashby in 1957.

The Reserve has over 170 Indigenous plant species, 50 of which are of State or regional significance. There have also been 57 Indigenous bird species sighted, 7 of which are rated as uncommon.

The National Trust of South Australia manages 28 Natural Heritage reserves across the State, totalling over 1,500 ha. These reserves contain excellent examples of many South Australian vegetation types, including mallee, Murray River floodplain, string-bark forest and long-leafed box forest.


Heritage Agreement Grant Program