Evening at Beaumont House

10 Mar 2023 ‐

10 Mar 2023

7:00 pm ‐ 9:30 pm

$15.00 per person


Seats are limited, so please book now.

Bring a plate of supper to share.

Tom Wilson presents –

“Adelaide’s Public Transport Story – with Special Reference

to the Eastern Suburbs.”



Tom Wilson is a retired State Government public transport planner, having worked in that field for almost 40 years, retiring in 2010.  He was born in the late 1940s and, from the time of catching trams to school on Adelaide’s old tram network in the 1950s he has had a strong interest in both the history and future of public transport in Adelaide.  He had a lot to do with the reorganisation of Adelaide’s public transport network – especially buses, but also with some changes to the rail system and the promotion of the 2006 revival of trams to Adelaide. He was also responsible for the design of bus services using the very successful O-Bahn.



In retirement he has been the principal author of a digital book of 6,400 pages “Adelaide’s Public Transport – the First 180 Years” published by Wakefield Press a little over a year ago with publication assistance from the History Trust. Since retiring he has been lobbying for various public transport improvements. He has been a member of the Tramway Museum at St Kilda, SA since the 1960s.

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