About us

The National Trust Heritage Festival began back in 1980 and has become Australia’s biggest festival of heritage and culture. Thanks to the amazing  involvement and support of thousands of volunteers every year we’ve become the nation’s favourite heritage festival – and things are about to get even better!

We’ve got a new name and a new home for event organisers to register their events and join an amazing network of local organisers across the country.

Welcome to the 2017 Australian Heritage Festival

Heritage may be timeless, but people’s expectations of it are not.

In the last 36 years The Heritage Festival has become the largest and longest running grass roots national festival of its type, with up to 1,400 events bringing together people all over Australia to celebrate what makes their neighbourhoods special. Each year stories are told, traditions explored and histories brought to life through activities like guided walks, talks, tours, demonstrations and hands on history experiences for people of all ages.

But the time is right for a different approach both to the festival itself and in the way we market and communicate it in order to secure it’s sustainability both now and into the future.

Some things won’t change. We still want everybody to join us in celebrating Australia’s historic, natural and Aboriginal heritage during the months of April and May.

The changes we have made are designed to make the festival more exciting and inclusive and are about being part of the community. We aren’t reinventing the wheel but we have a newly focused approach and a clear vision. We want to be more successful, more inclusive, more influential, more recognised and yes, more fun – for everybody.

The first stage of this new approach is a revised registration process. This will soon be live on our website and you’ll be able to click on “How to get involved” to be taken to a page full of information on how to register your event. For the first time we have entry criteria so you may be sure that the event you are registering stays true to the ethos of the festival of encouraging different interpretations of heritage and culture around the country.


Festival Start Date

2017’s Heritage Festival will run from April 18th 2017.