Franklin House

School Excursions

A day’s excursion to Franklin House, on the outskirts of Launceston, provides students with a wonderful opportunity to engage in a range of learning experiences.

Retired teachers guide students through Franklin House, and Mr Hawkes’ school room. With direct links to the Australian History Curriculum, these tours enable students to see and experience first-hand how life was lived in the 19th century, and the impact changing technology has had on our lives. While particularly suitable for students aged 5-8, the content of these tours can be modified to suit all ages.

Students also have the chance to explore the extensive gardens and grounds, learning more about food production and self-sustainability in days gone by. Old-fashioned games, including quoits and croquet, are available for students to try during their visit.

Many visiting groups stay all day, but shorter excursions can be arranged.

Learning materials are available for teachers to support their visit.

Booking information : up to 50 students

Duration – 3-4 hours (can be shorter)

Cost $7.50 per student

Pre-visit kit for teachers: available.


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Franklin House