What Priorities do YOUR Local Government Candidates Place on Heritage?

No doubt you are aware the NSW Local Government elections will take place on Saturday 4th December.

The National Trust of Australia (NSW) identified six state-wide Heritage priorities for these Local Government elections. These priorities are:

  1. Ensure your Council has a comprehensive heritage register that remains up-to-date and is truly representative of the different heritage places in your area.
  2. Ensure your Council has adequate resources and budget to administer the protection of your heritage places.
  3. Ensure your Council commits to employing appropriately experienced heritage advisers to provide relevant advice to both Council and the community.
  4. Ensure your Council has a Heritage Advisory Committee with appropriate skills and representation to provide a comprehensive community formal heritage voice to Council.
  5. Ensure your Council has adequate recognition and protection for significant trees and actively creates green corridors, tree canopies and open green space.
  6. Ensure your Council actively encourages and supports owners of heritage places to maintain and care for their properties.


Our local National Trust Branches have communicated these priorities to their local Candidates to encourage better protection, conservation and celebration of local heritage.

Read the Local Heritage Priorities




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