So you’d like to organise an event for the Australian Heritage Festival. Welcome aboard.


It can be a film screening, book reading, walking tour, or a guided tour of an historic place or a theatre production. You could be organising a bake-off using the traditional ingredients of a particular chapter of history or a food fair that celebrates the diversity of your local community’s culture. Putting on an art or photography exhibition? Terrific. Hosting a seminar or workshop – no problem.


Here’s what you need to know and what you need to do.


What events can or can’t be included in the Australian Heritage Festival?


To get started we firstly recommend that organisers familiarise themselves with the direction of the Australian Heritage Strategy and consider how your event brings the annual theme for the Australian Heritage Festival to life. For 2020, the theme for the Australian Heritage Festival is: ‘Our Heritage for the Future’.


Events must also take place within the dates of the Australian Heritage Festival, which is 18 April to 19 May every year.


What support does the National Trust provide for event organisers participating in the Australian Heritage Festival?


Registering your event for the Australian Heritage Festival connects you with like-minded organisations and individuals across the nation who see all aspects of heritage as important, enriching, valuable and worth celebrating with the community. As if that isn’t enough – you also get to have your event promoted on the Australian Heritage Festival website, which attracts more than one million visitors every year.


The National Trust will also promote key events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and when you tag the National Trust in your social media stories and use the festival hashtag – we’ll like and share your event with the wider heritage-loving community (just a hint, the hashtag this year is #Heritage4Future).


There’s more. This page provides you with all links to helpful checklists, toolkits and guidelines. If you do need additional support or have questions, please feel free to contact the Australian Heritage Festival coordinator in your state. Their details are in your Event Organiser’s Guide.


What are these checklists, toolkits and guidelines of which you speak? And exactly what can I count on for promotion?


When you register in the Australian Heritage Festival, you will get:

  • A dedicated listing on the Australian Heritage Festival website, which will open to the public in early 2020.
  • and the Australian Heritage Festival Facebook page Events section,
  • Access to a promotional kit, including: a downloadable poster, social media tiles and banners.
  • A communications kit which includes a range of pre- social media messages for Facebook and Twitter, and a media release template.
  • Helpful guidelines on how to organise your event and some ideas you might like to consider for your community, how to recruit volunteers and helpful checklists.
  • Support from a National Trust Coordinator in your state.

The National Trust will also generate the following promotion for the Australian Heritage Festival:

  • National, metropolitan and local media engagement to promote events in each state.
  • Social media coverage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Some printed brochure promotion (specific to each state across Australia).


Publications, Guides, Checklists and Downloads


The National Trust wants to support you to create engaging, educational, inspirational, welcoming and fun events that provide access for as many people as possible to experience the wonders of heritage.


We’ve created the following helpful resources.


Toolkits and Guides:



 Promotional Kit:

  • Communications Guide – Coming soon.
  • Media release template – Coming soon.
  • Australian Heritage Festival poster.
  • Australian Heritage Festival social media downloads – Coming soon.