Townsville Heritage Centre

The nineteenth century villa residence ‘Currajong’, a worker’s dwelling dating from 1884 and a 1921 farmhouse are the three buildings that form the Townsville Heritage Centre. The Education Kit for the Centre, available here for teachers, covers several topics relevant to the school curriculum.

Teachers are invited to download these brochures as preparation for a visit to the Heritage Centre.

  1.  Instructions for teachers
  2.  Resources
  3.  ‘Currajong’ tells the story of north Queensland
  4.  ‘Currajong’ at war
  5.  Worker’s dwellings
  6. Captain Tutty and the Port of Townsville
  7. Farmhouses
  8. Timber houses in Townsville
  9. Villa residences
  10. Transport
  11. Laundry
  12. Food!
  13. Housekeeping
  14. Entertainment