Expression of Interest – National Trust Tasmania (NTT) Board Election 2023

NTT Board Election 2023 Information Note


About the National Trust Tasmania

The National Trust Tasmania (NTT) is a member-based community organisation established under the National Trust Act 2006.  Formed in 1960, the Trust has been a leading advocate for Tasmania’s heritage encompassing individual buildings, historic towns, industrial heritage, and natural heritage.  Its financial members, volunteers and a small team of staff support the work of the Trust.  Major activities include advocacy and lobbying for the protection of heritage places; managing heritage properties open to the public and visitors; and managing conservation appeals for properties in community ownership.  Further information about the NTT can be found on our website –


The Role of the Board

The Board operates in accordance with the National Trust Act 2006.  It has six members, including a Chairperson, who each serve three year terms, plus the Managing Director.  Three members are elected by the membership of the Trust and three are appointed by the Minister for Heritage.  A director may be appointed, reappointed, elected or re-elected to the Board, but must not serve as a director for more than two consecutive terms.  The role of the Board is to develop and monitor the overall strategic direction of the organisation and to provide governance and compliance oversight of its activities.  The Board is committed to implementing a strategic and sustainable vision for the NTT, its properties, collections, landscapes, gardens, and programs.


Who can nominate?

To be eligible for election to the Board of Directors, candidates must be a member of the NTT at the time and date appointed for the close of nominations on 31 August 2023.  Board membership is voluntary, although reasonable travel expenses may be reimbursed.  On average the Board meets on a bi-monthly basis.  It has a number of sub-committees, including an Audit and Risk Committee, which meet between Board sessions.


Selection Criteria

The Trust is committed to maintaining a skills-based Board; to gender equality; and to regional representation.  It has considered the expertise of current Board members as well as future needs.  To ensure that the Trust can maintain its substantive agenda for sustainability and capacity building, the Board has identified the following priority skills and experience it is seeking from new members:


  1. Experience in governance in the not-for-profit sector, preferably as a director
  2. Strong analytical skills to facilitate critical review of the organisation’s strategies and programs
  3. Strong experience in financial and risk management
  4. Experience in a member-based organisation, community engagement and outreach
  5. Experience in small business and the tourism sector


Who can vote?

To be eligible to vote in the 2023 election, you must be a current financial member of the NTT at the time and date appointed for the close of nominations on 31 August 2023.


How many vacancies are there?

There are currently two vacancies for elected Board Members.


How do I nominate?

Members with an interest in filling these vacancies should complete a nomination form available here:

Nomination Form Board 2023


You must be proposed and seconded by current members of the NTT.


Your nomination form should be accompanied by a statement which includes a current Curriculum Vitae and an outline of the knowledge, skills and experience that demonstrate your suitability to serve on the Board, and to contribute to the selection criteria outlined above.


If there are more applicants than vacancies, the Board’s Nominations Committee will determine the short list of candidates to be circulated to the membership for election during the month of September.


For further information, please contact:

Nicholas Heyward, Chairperson, on 0417 863 384,