Gifting Runnymede to the National Trust

Gifting Runnymede to the National Trust

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Brian Wightman, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage representing the Tasmanian State Government to gift ‘Runnymede’ to the National Trust.

Time: 10.30
Date: Tuesday 8th November 2011
Location: Runnymede,
61 Bay Road, New Town, Hobar

A special event marking not only an important occasion for the National Trust Tasmania, it also marks a turning point in the way and manner in which Runnymede will be presented to the public well into the future.

National Trust Tasmania Chairman, Ray Foley quotation for use: “The decision by state government to gift Runnymede to the National Trust Tasmania is testament to the respected position the Trust now holds within our community.

This generous public recognition of the vital role National Trust plays in preserving our heritage for future generations is one that has been received with great excitement and pride amongst our many volunteers, members, professional staff and board.

To help celebrate this milestone in the life of Runnymede, the National Trust has been developing a distinct branding identity that highlights the qualities that make Runnymede the special place that is not just in Tasmania but nationally.

This process has included a new logo which encapsulates the rich whaling history of Runnymede along with the ongoing conservation activities required to manage such a significant property and collection.

As a community based organisation, the National Trust is dedicated to ensuring that our properties are presented to the broad public in an engaging and relevant manner providing the opportunity for all to share our rich heritage in a contemporary world.

To achieve this, in the future we will also be presenting contemporary issues in whaling conservation at Runnymede. This is an innovative concept given that Runnymede was built on the wealth created from the early whaling industry.

Our reason for this decision is two fold .Firstly, whaling history has limited meaning unless held up against the backdrop of contemporary life. It allows us to review, measure, judge and appreciate.

Secondly, I believe it provides a strong indication of the maturity of National Trust Tasmania as an organisation. Our ability to think outside the square, be quirky and above all be engaging and relevant is well represented in this very exciting project.”

For further information contact: Matt Smithies, National Trust Tasmania
Land line: 03 6344 6233 Mobile: 0457 880 288

Please click here to download Media Release (pdf)

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