In this rare interview, Australian author Meg Stewart shares her memories of artists Margaret Olley and Norman Lindsay. The recording is part of a series of National Trust interviews that aim to capture the stories of heritage conservation in NSW.

Australian author Meg Stewart.

Meg Stewart is a renowned Australian author, whose parents, artists Douglas Stewart and Margaret Coen, had a long association with Norman Lindsay Gallery in Springwood.

Meg’s published books include Autobiography of my Mother, the Dream Life of Harry Moon, Creative Friends and Far from a still life: Margaret Olley.

Here, she talks to host Judith Matheson about her memories of Margaret Olley, and shares an intimate story about her mother’s relationship with Norman Lindsay.

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The National Trust (NSW) oral history project aims to capture the stories of Australians who are involved in the politics of heritage conservation, are a significant custodian of a site, knowledge or event, or have a long history with the National Trust.

Each of these oral histories delve into a person’s life story, and are recorded as a long-form interview with few set questions. Explore other recordings in the series.

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