The Roadmaster’s House

The National Trust Northern Territory has been granted a Crown Lease over the heritage listed building located on the former Stella Maris Hostel site at 1 McMinn Street, Darwin.

The date of construction of the building is not known but was most likely in the 1920s or 1930s. It was built to accommodate staff of the North Australia Railway (NAR) and was known as Road Masters House. The road master was the officer responsible for track maintenance. It was occupied by NAR staff until damaged by Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

After the railway closed in 1976 the building was leased to the Roman Catholic Stella Maris organisation where it was used as a seafarers centre. Originally the house provided for an office, bar, meals, and recreational facilities up until 1991 when a new building was completed and the house became an annexe.

The building was declared a heritage place in 2005 and subsequently restored by the Northern Territory Government to its present condition. It is one of only three pre-war houses remaining which were enclosed by a slatted or latticed verandah, the typical design at that time and now very rare.

Location Details


1 McMinn Street, Darwin NT


10am - 1pm Except Saturday & Monday


Currently Closed until April 2019 for repairs and maintenance.